Fall semester 2024 (September 4th, 2024 – January 17th, 2025)

We are pleased by your interest in accommodation at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) dormitory.

This page should guide you through the process of application for your accommodation. The information below is only for Exchange students of VŠE.

If you are interested in accommodation at the VŠE dormitory, it is necessary to:


2.PAY THE DEPOSIT of CZK 8000 no later than June 15, 2024!


Room selection is open at ISKAM from July 11, 2024, at 10:00 am (until July 17, 2024).

At that time, the application status will be changed from “Preliminarily approved” to ”Approved”.

  • You can choose „Premium: single-bed room” or „Premium: double-bed room”
  • If you do not choose a room until July 17, 2024, the Central Accommodation Office will assign a random room.
  • If you want to change the reserved room, you can contact us at Do not cancel your reservation in ISKAM!
  • Single rooms
    • Please note that the number of single rooms is limited. That means you will most likely be accommodated in a shared room.
    • The system works on a “first come, first served” principle. Thus, payment of the deposit will not guarantee the reservation of a single room! We do not guarantee Exchange students the single rooms.
    • In case all single rooms are already occupied, you may pick a bed in a double room. Then it is possible only in case of free capacity to reserve a room with an unoccupied bed (see the price above). In this case, the student has to send an email to


    • Your accommodation is booked from September 4, 2024 to January 17, 2025
    • You have to pay the rent for the whole period all at once. A deposit of 8000 CZK is not part of the rent!
    • By the day you move into the dormitories, you must charge a minimum of 10000 CZK or the entire rent to your main account at ISKAM, instruction here.
    • The rest of the rent must be paid upon arrival. Otherwise, it will not be possible to move in.



    • Information about moving in can be found here.
    • If you come to Prague earlier, you can stay at the “hotel accommodation” in our dormitories cz/en.
    • If you arrive later than September 9, 2024, please send a notice email directly to Mrs. Veronika Schneiderová ( in advance.
    • If you are accommodated in the Thalerova dormitory, please get in touch with the dormitory manager about your arrival.


Suppose students change their minds and no longer want accommodation at the dormitories. In that case, it is possible to send the cancellation request by August 8, 2024, in ISKAM in the application: Waiting list → Exchange → Cancellation Request. In this case, the student will get the accommodation deposit back reduced by the bank handling fees. The deposit will be refunded in favor of the bank account number the student filled in ISKAM in basic information. If the application for accommodation is canceled after August 8, 2024, the deposit will not be refunded!


According to the contract conditions, residence fees for Exchange students are paid until January 17, 2025. Exchange students can move out before this date, but please note that the dormitory cannot refund any money for earlier departure.

Registration of foreigners to the Foreign Police (FP)

  • Every foreigner accommodated at the Prague University of Economics and Business dormitories have to report their stay to the FP.
  • Notification obligations for the stay of foreigners to the FP are ensured by the dormitory (accommodation provider).
  • The accommodation provider is obligated to report the foreigner’s stay to the FP within 3 working days of entering the territory of the dormitory.
  • Foreigners’ reports to the FP are carried out electronically.

Room facilities

Rooms have bedding, sheets, lamps, heating, microwave and fridge. The bedline will be prepared in your room without towels, toiletries (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.), or a hairdryer. The kitchen is not equipped with dishes.