Information about accommodation in Spring semester 2023 will be published here in the second half of October.

Fall semester 2022 

September 7th, 2022- January 11th, 2023 

We are pleased by your interest in accommodation at the dormitory of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE). 

Information below is only for exchange students of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE). 

This page should guide you through the process of application for your accommodation. The exchange students are accommodated at Eislerova dormitory  ( 

If you are interested in accommodation at the dormitories, please follow these steps: 

  1. apply for an accommodation at  
  1. pay the deposit of CZK 5 000 (after you will have applied for the accommodation in step 1)  
  • from May 13, 2022 to June 14, 2022 
  1. Please fill in all required information for foreign payment order at ISKAM in section “Basic information”. (Without this information it is not possible to return the deposit back) 

In case that you will apply for accommodation (step 1) and pay the accommodation deposit (step 2) until June 14, 2022, the status of your application will be changed from ”Approval in progress” to ”Preliminarily approved“ on June 21, 2022. This means that everything is all right and you can choose your room during the period from July 7, 2022 to July 17, 2022. 

  • In terms of accommodation type, you can choose from „Premium: single-bed room” or „Premium: double-bed room”. 
  • Please note that at ISKAM, you cannot choose „Premium room: one person in double-bed room” options (the second bed will be booked by Central accommodation in case of free capacity). 


is open from July 7, 2022 at 10:00 am ( At this time, the application status will be changed from the “Preliminarily approved” to ”Approved” and then it will be possible to choose a room. The system works on a “first come first served” principle. 

Before selecting a room please read carefully instruction how to choose single room or double room! Information is here:  

In case you are interested in accommodation with your friend, you should pick the same room on July 7, 2022  or contact us on 

If student does not choose a room until July 17, 2022, a random room will be assigned by the Central Accommodation Office. 

TYPE OF ROOMS AND PRICE               

„Premium: single-bed room” (359 CZK/night) – total price for accommodation is 45 234 CZK 

„Premium: double-bed room” (242 CZK/night) – total price for accommodation is 30 492 CZK  

„Premium room: one person in a double-bed room” (387 CZK/night) – total price for accommodation is 48 762 CZK 


Please note that the number of single rooms is limited. The system works on a “first come first served” principle, thus payment of the deposit will not guarantee the reservation of a single room!! In case that you are interested in a single room, you have to choose single room by yourself when ‘Room selection’ will be open!  

In case that all single rooms are already occupied, you may pick a bed in double room. Then it is possible (only in case of free capacity) to reserve a room with an unoccupied bed. In this case student has to send an email to 


If student will change his mind and does not want to have an accommodation at the dormitories anymore, it is possible to send the cancellation request until August 6, 2022 in ISKAM in the application: Waiting list → Exchange → Cancellation Request (not ‘accommodation resignation’). In this case, student will get the accommodation deposit back reduced by the bank handling fees. The deposit will be refunded in favor of the bank account number, which student filled in ISKAM in basic information. If the application for accommodation is cancelled after August 6, 2022, deposit will not be refunded! 


Please note that your accommodation is booked from September 7, 2022 to January 11, 2023, you have to pay the rent for the whole period all at once. You have to pay a part of your rent (minimum 10 000 CZK) or full rent before your arrival until September 7, 2022. Until move-in day at the dormitory, there have to be paid of accommodation deposit CZK 5000 and a minimum of CZK 10 000 or the full rent on your main account in ISKAM. Deposit 5000 CZK is not part of the rent!  

If the rest of rent is not be received by 10 days after signing the Contract on Accommodation, manager of dormitory may terminate your contract. Also the contractual penalty amounting to CZK 20 for each day of default together with the rent will be charged. 

  • If you come to Prague earlier, you can stay at the “hotel accommodation” located at our dormitories . 
  • If you arrive later than September 16, 2022, please send a notice email directly to Varonika Schneiderová (Eislerova dormitory) 


According to the contract conditions, residence fees for EXCHANGE students are paid until January 11, 2023. Exchange students may withdraw from the accommodation contract prior to this date, but dormitory cannot refund any money for earlier departure. 

Registration of a foreigners to the Foreign police (FP)  

  • Every foreigners accommodated at the dormitories of the Prague University of Economics and Business  have to report their stay to the FP. 
  • Notifications obligations for stay of foreigners to the FP is ensured by dormitory (accommodation provider). 
  • Accommodation provider is obligated to report the stay of foreigner to the FP within 3 working days of the entering the territory of the dormitory. 
  • Report of foreigner to the FP is carrying out electronically. 

Room facilities 

Rooms are equipped with bedding, sheets, lamp, heating, microwave and fridge. Bed line will be prepared in your room without towels, toiletries (toilet paper, soap, shampoo etc.), and hairdryer. Kitchen is not equipped with dishes.