Director and Secretariat


The Department for the Administration of Facilities (“SUZ”) is managed by a director appointed by the rector on the basis of a selection procedure upon consultation with the Academic Senate of VŠE. The SUZ Director is dismissed by the rector. The SUZ director is accountable to the rector for compliance with legal regulations, efficient use of funds and due management of assets, unless otherwise stated by the rector in the form of a measure.

  • The director manages SUZ to the extent of his/her rights and duties laid down in VŠE´s internal regulations and standards. Within his/her powers, he/she is responsible for their observance.
  • The director manages, organises and supervises the working and other activities of SUZ either directly or via managers of departments, halls of residence and the remote site.
  • The director is entitled to act in the name of VŠE in matters related to the SUZ´s activities with respect to third persons to the extent of competences defined by VŠE internal regulations and other standards and/or within the authorisation by the VŠE rector.
  • The director is a direct superior of the director´s secretariat staff, heads of departments, managers of halls of residence and manager of the remote site.
  • Upon consultation with student self-administration bodies, the director issues the Rules of the Halls of Residence.
  • The director is entitled to issue other standards, orders, instructions and ordinances, which regulate the operation of SUZ in accordance with Article 2 of the SUZ Statutes.
  • The director is responsible for arrangement of cooperation of SUZ with student self-administration bodies in halls of residence (councils of halls of residence and the Central Council of the Halls of Residence) to the extent laid down by the VŠE standard.
  • The director may appoint his/her advisory bodies. At the same time, he/she will define the scope of their activities, the structure and code of conduct.


  • The director´s secretariat provides complex services of activities to the director of the organisation, which are directly connected with the management of the Department for the Administration of Facilities and internal and external relations of the organisation.
  • It also performs activities connected with the preparation, course and conclusions of negotiations (of the director and heads of individual departments).

Payroll and HR Department

The Payroll and HR Department of SUZ VŠE primarily performs the following activities:

  • Handling of employer-employee relationships and payroll issues of employees, from the commencement to the termination of the employment, including the work done outside the employment.
  • Organising selection procedures for managerial positions.
  • Performing all and any HR work for all centres in Prague and Jindřichův Hradec administered by the Department for the Administration of Facilities of VŠE in Prague.
  • Creating and keeping personal records of individual employees of SUZ VŠE.
  • Providing consultancy to employees on SUZ VŠE on fundamental HR issues.
  • Cooperating closely with managers of individual facilities in case of changes related to employees of the facilities and hiring new employees.
  • Processing all data required for reporting related to the HR department.
  • Participating in the organisation and inspection within the powers of SUZ VŠE.
  • Cooperating with managers of the HR department at VŠE.
  • Calculating the wages of employees according to employment contracts and other relevant documents. Preparing payrolls within statutory periods of time.  Being responsible for the payment of the correct gross amount of wages.
  • Being responsible for making statutory payroll deductions in the correct amount.
  • Calculating and settling sickness benefits.
  • Making wage assignments according to court orders or orders made by other authorities.
  • Keeping the relevant records related to the formation, duration and termination of the employment of employees.

Legal Department

  • Providing legal opinions, consultancy and advice.


Position/department Name and surname E-mail Phone Address
Director Ing. Ota Zima, CSc., MBA +420 224 092 180 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3
Secretary Jitka Svobodová +420 224 092 312 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3
Human resources / Payroll Ing. Tomáš Klečka +420 224 092 319 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3