Scope of Activities

The Department for the Administration of Facilities (SUZ), as a separate structural unit of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) deals especially with accommodation of students and boarding. In order to perform these important tasks in providing facilities for the student community, it operates eight halls of residence, three canteens and one buffet. The activities of SUZ are not limited to services in Prague; it operates also in Jindřichův Hradec, where the VŠE´s Faculty of Management is located.

SUZ is managed by a director appointed by the VŠE Academic Senate, who is directly accountable to the rector´s office. His/her task is to define the direction of future development of the halls of residence and canteens, depending on the expected development of the school and future needs of the student community. The SUZ director, with his/her direct inferiors, supervises the quality of provided services, the operation and improvement of the halls of residence and canteens set by the rector´s office.

As mentioned above, a council of a hall of residence is an essential advisory and consulting authority both for the director of SUZ and for his/ her direct inferiors. The Council is elected by the student community to represent the interests of students living in the SUZ halls of residence. The councils of a hall of residence are an important partner cooperating with SUZ in the never-ending improvement of conditions of  student life in the VŠE´s halls of residence. This connection between the management of SUZ and the student community via their appointed representatives contributes to higher socialisation of individuals in the team, partial arrangement of their further development depending on new contacts found in their surroundings.