Administrator of personal informations is Department for the Administration of Facilities VŠE in Prague, with main office Jeseniova 2769/208, 130 00 Praha 3 (Lodging provider), contact: Contact person (guarantor): Ing. Jan Zavřel.

Lodging provider declare, that with personal informations of Accommodated (subject of informations), processed  in accordance  European parliament and council regulation (EU) 2016/679 from 27th April 2016 on protection of physical persons in context with processing of personal informations and on free manipulation with these informations and on cancel of regulation 95/46/ES (onwars only ‘’Regulation’’) will be manipulated in accordance with principles of Regulation in manner of ensure safety, integrity , confidentiality and topicality and ensure fundamental  rights and freedom of Accommodated. Lodging provider process personal informations in accordance of arcticle 6 Regulation, paragraph  1. Letter b) – for fulfil Contract on accommodation and letter f) – for purposes of entitled interest of Lodging provider including direct marketing.

Lodging provider process maximally these categories of personal informations of Accommodated:

  • name, surname, date of birth,
  • address of permanent residence,
  • address of relevant dormitory including number of room,
  • e-mail address assigned at VŠE,
  • e-mail address assigned by Accommodated,
  • phone number, mobile number,
  • bank account number,
  • passport number, nationality,
  • camera recording of common spaces of dormitories.

Processing of personal informations is done only for record keeping of Accommodated, inspection rightfulness of their accommodation from valid Czech republic legislation point of view and valid regulations of VŠE, record keeping of payments associated with their accommodation and inspection of their payments, collectiong of debts, for purpose of notifying Accommodated about important events, circumstances and news associated with accommodation, for puprose of dormitory and Accommodated safety.

Personal informations of Accommodated aren’t pass on to other administrators, only to processors below. Recipient of some personal informations could be these processors (providers of informations systems ):

  • APS Brno, s.r.o. (provider of accommodation SW ISKAM)
  • Anete, spol. s.r.o. (provider of catering SW Kredit)
  • Alsig, spol. s.r.o. (provider of CCTV)
  • FARAO GASTRO, r.o. (operator of  canteen Jarov)
  • AV GASTRO, s.r.o. (operator of canteen Italská)
  • Aleš Faltys (operator of pizza VŠE )

Personal informations are keep by Lodging provider in accordance with valid Czech republic legislation during 5 years from accommodation discontinue in case of Czech citizens and 6 years from accommodation discontinue in case of citizens of other states.

Accommodated can in accordance with relevant establishes of Regulation apply one’s right:

  • on access to personal informations,
  • on obtain personal informations in usual machine readable format,
  • on change of personal informations,
  • on delete of personal informations,
  • on restriction of processing of personal informations,
  • on rectify in case of Accommodated believe that his/her personal informations aren’t processed in accordance with law regulations,
  • on answer of questions of Accommodated about processing of personal informations via e-mail of Lodging provider:

In entitled cases Accommodated have right to propound complaint straight to Auhority for protection of personal informations ( ) – for example via e-mail to