Termination of accommodation

Expiration of accommodation

The accommodation contract is negotiated for a definite period. At the latest on the day of the end of the accommodation, the accommodated person must check out of the dormitory at the head of the dormitory during office hours.

Termination – during the academic year

The notice period for ordinary student accommodation in the academic year is specified in the General Accommodation Conditions.


The accommodation terminates:
a) upon the elapse of the period for which the accommodation was agreed by the Contract on Accommodation;
b) upon a notice made by the Accommodated Person with the notice term of two months submitte in the perion 1.9. – 31.12. and one month in the period 1.1. – 30.6. starting to run on the first day of the month following the date of the notice delivery to the Accommodation Provider.
The notice shall be filed electronically via http://iskam-web.vse.cz. The accommodation relationship ends after the expiration of the notice period. If the Accommodated moves out without giving proper notice, he will also be charged for the relevant notice period.


You will always find current information in the General Accommodation Conditions.

Accommodation is canceled via ISKAM – here is manual. We recommend checking the end of accommodation in ISKAM.

Before I resign

1) Did you know that you can use accommodation in dormitories even after graduating from the Prague University of Economics and Business?
You can live in the VŠE dormitories even after graduating from the VŠE. If you have already signed a contract for the academic year, it is possible to live in the dormitory until the expiration of the contract.

2) A change of college?
Even if you decide to change the university, you do not have to change the dormitory and you can still live in the VŠE dormitories.

3) Does your roommate not suit you?
Understandably, you won’t always get along with your new roommate. In this case, inform the dormitory manager who will try to find the best alternative.

4) Does the dormitory equipment not suit you?
We are happy for any suggestions to improve the comfort of accommodation, and therefore we welcome you to inform us either through the head of the dormitory or by e-mail at stiznosti-suz@vse.cz.

5) Do you have privacy?
If privacy is important to you, ask the central accommodation office about the possibility of accommodation in a single room.

Departure for a study stay abroad organized by the Prague University of Economics and Business

Students leaving for a study stay organized by the Prague University of Economics and Business may terminate their accommodation on the basis of a notice sent by email directly to the head of the dormitory at least 14 calendar days before the scheduled departure. The date of the planned departure (working day) must be stated in the email. This date must not be earlier than 14 days until the date of enrollment at the foreign university specified in InSIS.

E.g. Start of stay abroad is January 25. Accommodation can be terminated no earlier than 14 days before the start of the stay abroad, ie January 11 – 25. The student wants to leave on January 20. In this case, the dormitory will write an email with this date (working day) 14 days before departure. That is, before January 6.

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