Dear students,

Our aim is to simplify the whole process of moving out of the dormitory, especially when the period at the end of June is very hectic, both for you, the residents, and the staff who perform the room check necessary to hand over the accommodation.

We have launched a new feature in the ISKAM web interface that will make the actual handover of your accommodation easier and, if you follow the booking procedure for moving out and handing over your room, will save you the time you would have spent waiting in the queue. And it will also make it easier for you to move to summer accommodation if you are moving to another college.

The resident must move out no later than the end date of their ISKAM accommodation.
When you move out, you must restore your room to its original condition. The room is handed over clean, including the facilities (kitchen and bathroom).

The room will be re-inspected by the maid at the time of the reservation for moving out of the room – according to the procedure, and only after its approval will the maid take the keys to the room. At the same time, inventory (lamp, bedding, etc.), room keys, dorm pass, and access card must be returned if borrowed. Also, ensure all your debts will be paid in ISKAM!).

The accommodation deposit can be requested to be sent back to the account listed in the ISKAM system or left in the account.

If the student cannot/will not be present to hand over the room to the maid, there is an option called Express check out ( fee according to the price list of services of each dormitory). When selecting this option, the student announces the date and time of their intention to leave the residence hall – as per procedure and is not bound by any maid hours or ticket entry rules.
If there is any discrepancy in room inventory, cleaning, etc., charges may be assessed according to the housing policy.