Move-out – Eislerova dormitory (Jarov III.F)


Please inform reception/dormitory office about leaving at least one day in advance and give them your whole name, number of your room and date of moving out.


You will receive a moving out form and envelope at reception. Please fill in all the requirements in the form and choose how your deposit will be returned. Deposit can be returned to your account by credit card (no additional fee for foreing transfer) or via bank transfer (you have to fill in all required infomation in ISKAM, administrative fee of CZK 500 will be deducted). If you want to return the money to the card, you must state the 16-digit card number (not the IBAN, not the account number) and the expiration date in the form. Without these requirements, it‘s not possible to return the deposit to your card.

You can pick up the envelope with the form every working day at the reception or in the dormitory office, on weekends/public holidays it is only possible between 7.00 PM – 6.30 AM.


Before your departure from dorm, please put the key and the form in the envelope and leave the envelope at the reception / office. If you are leaving during the weekend when the reception is closed, leave the envelope in your room.

The next working day, the dormitory employee checks your room and picks up the envelope. As soon as we receive the key, your deposit will be returned.

In case that the room is dirty and inventory is damaged, a potential cleaning and repairs will be charged from your deposit according to price list. Before you leave, please do the cleaning at least to the following extent:


  • ventilate a room properly, close the windows and balcony doors;
  • wash the floor of the room and/or balcony, hoover the carpets (if any);
  • wash the washable surface of the tables and other furniture;
  • dust the furniture and window sill;
  • wash the floor and storage drawer under the bed.


  • Empty a waste bin into relevant dustbins and/or containers, separate waste by type.
  • Kitchen: clean up the work surfaces, clean the tiling of the kitchen, wash the cupboards, cooker and microwave, remove any leftovers from the refrigerator, if you are the last – wash the refrigerator and dishes (you can leave the undamaged and clean dishes).
  • Entrance hall: empty and clean the wardrobes and shelves, wash the floor.
  • Bathroom: disinfect the basin, clean and polish the mirror, clean and disinfect the tiling and floor of the washroom.
  • Toilet: disinfect the toilet bowl, including the seat, clean and disinfect the tiling and floor.

To avoid any problems that may arise during checking out, please check your debts in ISKAM. You have to pay all outstanding amounts for residence fee or services. If there are any defects in the unit, please report these defects to ISKAM before your departure.

Moving out form:

moving out form