Economic Department

The Economic Department of the Department for the Administration of Facilities of VŠE (“ED”) is directly accountable to the director of VŠE SUZ. The management of ED is fully within the powers of its manager, who is a member of the top management of VŠE SUZ. The ED manager is mainly responsible for the efficient financial management of VŠE SUZ and for ensuring stable economic results. As for the financial management of the structural unit, he/she cooperates with the VŠE Economic Division.

Regarding the software support, ED, like the whole University, uses the iFis economic and accounting system.

The scope of ED´s activities include the following agenda:

  • Creating and analysing the budget,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Recording of assets,
  • Purchasing,
  • Administration of IT,

Creating and analysing the budget

VŠE SUZ manages the budget, which is approved by the Academic Senate of VŠE at the beginning of each calendar year.  The ED manager is fully responsible for setting the budget, and for the supervision, management and analysis of meeting the budget.


Bookkeeping falls into the powers of the chief accountant and billing clerk, who deals with preparatory work and all accounting work.  The legislation and accounting standards are methodically controlled by the ED manager.

Recording of assets

ED has one employee who is in charge of recording fixed assests and non-investment assets.  Each year, stocktaking of all assets in all facilities, which is supervised by an audit, is done in VŠE SUZ.

Administration of accommodation system

Accommodation system ISKAM from APS Brno is used for all activities related to students, school quests and hotel quests accommodation. Database administrator who is responsible for this information system reports to ED manager. It is ED competence to provide support for users and development of system. ED manager is responsible for correct financial, economical and tax related settings of the system and for the correct economical data transfer into bookkeeping system.

Purchase and administration of IT

All purchases of equipment and some consumable materials are done centrally via a buyer. The buyer also holds the position of an IT engineer. He/she is responsible for the administration, recording, purchasing and IT support of SÚZ VŠE employees.

If you wish to contact directly the economic department of Department of the administration of facilities with any question, please write to