Universities and sport belong together. Many sports arised from universities or students helped expand them .

Sport campus is important component of university enviroment and serve to thousands of students and emploeeys with realization of their sport activities.

Services of DAF in sphere of creation of sport opportunities for students and emploeeyes of VŠE enable many ways for active free time.

Regulations of use

Operation time of all sport fields is from Monday to Sunday during 7 am to 10 pm period.

Entrance to the basketball field is for free. Use of field is guaranteed only by reservation on website, via reservation form (visitors only) and also at the reception of Thalerova dormitory (Jarov III.G). If field will be occupied without reservation, you only need prove your own valid reservation (for example on website with your mobile) which take precedence. Price for reserved sport field can be found on price listsite. Reservation is possible only for the whole hours.

Entrance to the any part of central sport field (tennis court, badminton court, street basketbal, volleyball and foot volleyball sport field) is possible only via reservation. Reservation can be made on website, via reservation form (visitors only) and also at the reception of Thalerova dormitory (Jarov III.G) or University hotel (Jarov I.E).

In case of properly created reservation and valid access card (VŠE ISIC, access card for emploeeys of DAF VŠE) you only need unlock doors. Access to the sport fields area is possible 10 minutes before begining of reservation. Also access to the showers is possible half hour before and after reservation.

If you leave area late (more than 10 minutes after end of reservation), fine will be charged.

Sanitary facilities and showers are available nearby workout. Sports equipment can be lend. More information on price list site.