I would like to move to another room – how can I do it?

If you wish to move to another room go to your information system ISKAM and check out the availability of the room. Pls. note that September and February are the months where all rooms are allocated to the students.

If you will find that room is avalaible in ISKAM you can go to your dormitory manager to move you from one room to other within your hall of residence. If you wish to live in other hall of residence you have to visit  central accommodation office and they will do all necessary arrangements for you. More info can be found here.

Is my accommodation quaranteed after sending deposit?

Yes. Once you have completed the payment and allowed one week for delivering it, your room will be allocated to you authomatically. Exchange students can find in ISKAM also the room number after the deadline for the proccess of allocation of rooms.

What should I do if my entry card(University ID card) and internet are not working because I passed all the exams?

If student successfully finish studies and become a graduate student, the internet connection and University ID card will not working. In this case, the graduate student must generate a new internet password at the reception of dormitory. The generation of new internet password is free of charge. For a new access card, come to the office or bedlinen depot. The price of the blue chip card is 500 CZK.

Roommates do not want to clean up common spaces – what should I do?

You can make a schedule of cleaning with your roommates. If it does not help, contact the dormitory manager. Be notice that it will not be taken into account during the departure.

When does the heating period begin/end?

The rules for heat and hot water supply are regulated by the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No 194 / 2007Coll.

– The heat supply will start in the heating period when the average outdoor air temperature at the location drops below +13°C in 2 consecutive days and weather conditions cannot be expected to increase above +13°C for the next day.

– Heating of apartments and non-residential premises in residential and non- residential buildings will be reduced or interrupted in the heating period if the average daily outdoor air temperature at the location exceeds +13°C in 2 consecutive days and weather conditions cannot be expected to decrease for the next day. Limitations of using heat are performed to meet the requirements of their thermal attenuation and ensure the thermal stability of the room. The heating is restored with the subsequent decrease of the average outdoor air temperature below +13°C.

– During the heating period, apartments and other rooms are heated between 6.00 and 22.00 hours.

– The heating takes place outside the heating period in the case of approval of at least two-thirds of final consumers, the outdoor temperature conditions require it and the technical and supply conditions allow it.

Calculation of average daily temperature:

– The average outdoor air temperature is determined as a quarter of the sum of outdoor temperatures measured in the shade, excluding the radiance effect of the surrounding areas. Measurements are made at 7:00 am, at 2:00 pm and at 9:00 pm, and the temperature measured at 21:00 is counted twice.