Where can you find LOKNI everywhere?

There are a total of nine filtration facilities at the VŠE.

In the VŠE dormitories:

Blanice dormitory
Vltava dormitory
Palachova dormitory
Jarov (outdoor) – free of charge
At Blanice, Vltava, and Palachova dormitories, it is not possible to refill filtered water for free because the filtering devices are not yet sponsored by partners. To use the facilities at these locations, you must select a subscription in the LOKNI app.

The following locations are located on the VŠE campus in Žižkov:

Old building, first floor
New building, by the lecture rooms (2x)
Italian Building, third floor


LOKNI is newly introduced at the dormitories: filtered water into your own bottle


It is good news for anybody who likes filtered water and at the same time they wants to take some burden off Nature’s shoulders and save some unnecessary plastics. At the dormitories Blanice and Vltava, you can now find the LOKNI filtration device for water and here you can draw sparkling or still water of the best quality.
LOKNI is an alternative to bottled water and helps to save PET bottles as you draw the water into your own bottles.

How to draw water? 

Students and staff of the dormitories download the LOKNI/Filtermac application, register themselves, and choose a tariff (Monthly, Yearly, or Yearly with a Bottle). The price is approximately 1 CZK per 3 litres a day. Having opened the application they can see a QR code, scan it easily in the LOKNI scanner, and immediately they can draw either sparkling or still water.

Look at the video tutorial.

Advantages of drawing via the app? 

Everybody has got a perfect overview of their water intake and the daily limit is 3 liters of water. They can see their personal statistics – i.e. how many kilograms of plastics and how many PET bottles they have saved and also the amount of CO2 that would have been produced during the transportation of the bottled water. At the same time, they get the statistics of the whole community of the school.

Download the app for Android and start drawing
Download the app for iOS and start drawing

Why drink from LOKNI? 
Thanks to the complex filtration using the filters of active coal, the LOKNI machine not only removes all the undesirable tastes and smells from the water but it also removes all the particles and impurities bigger than 0.5 microns that can be commonly found in tap water. Thanks to the special treatment of the water using UV light all the unwanted bacteria as well as microorganisms are damaged.

LOKNI and the University of Economics and Business

VŠE has been offering the alternative to bottled water since August 2017, when the first LOKNI machine was installed at Jarov. The second (2018) and the third (2019) are available in the old building at Žižkov. Next are available at  Palachova dormitory at Jarov Campus, and two at Blanice and Vltava dormitories since 2021. Students and staff have helped to save about 13 tons of plastics (519 200 PET bottles).

Even though less water was drunk at schools during the COVID year, also thanks to VŠE we have managed to save altogether 4 535 808 PET bottles – the amount of bottles that have never left the production lines.

More information on www.lokni.cz

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