Operating Department

The Operating Department of the Department for the Administration of Facilities of VŠE (“OD”) is directly accountable to the director of VŠE SUZ. The management of OD is fully within the powers of its manager, who is a member of the top management of VŠE SUZ. The OD manager is mainly responsible for ensuring due provision and operation of accommodation and boarding services, especially to members of the academic community of VŠE. He/she also handles the agenda of all contracts within SUZ.

The OD consists of the following sections:

  • Central accommodation
  • Accommodation of foreign students
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Administration of a car park

Central accommodation

In cooperation with the VŠE faculty deans´ offices, VŠE Department of Foreign Affairs, managers of halls of residence and the Central Council of the Halls of Residence, it coordinates and arranges accommodation of applicants in accordance with applicable regulations.  It cooperates with the VŠE IT Centre in electronic processing of data, and with managers of halls of residence in providing hotel services in the halls of residence.

International student accommodation

Coordinates and provides support for Exchange and Degree international students.

Hotel accommodation

It arranges the operation of hotel accommodation, online sales, cooperates with dormitory managers.

Administration of a car park

It arranges the operation and use of the car park located on the premises of the Jarov halls of residence.

Position Name and surname E-mail Phone Adress
Operational manager Bc.Michal Šmíd
michal.smid@vse.cz +420 224 092 508 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3
Central accommodation Bc. Zuzana Hrnková
hrnz00@vse.cz +420 224 092 156 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3
Accommodation specialist Ing. Jana Gallová jana.gallova@vse.cz +420 224 092 156 Jeseniova 208, Praha 3
International student accommodation

Bc. Zuzana Hrnková dormitorycoordinator@vse.cz +420 224 092 113 V záhradkách 67, Praha 3