Safety guideline – Pest Management

Order of the Director of SUZ VŠE in Prague No. 09/2023 
The procedure of exterminating troublesome insects on VŠE dormitories.

Appendix 2 – Instructions for accommodated residents
Appendix 5 – Travel prevencion

Certificate, report, and records

  • Expert report  N_231321_VŠE (CZ only) of the State Institute of Health:
    “When exterminating bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) in SÚZ VŠE buildings, the procedure is in accordance with appropriately set guidelines that are specified in detail for employees and for accommodated in all SÚZ VŠE facilities.”
  • We wash bed linen in the dormitories in a certified laundry RETRE prádelna a čísirna s.r.o., Třeboň

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