The rent

Information about rent payment – program EXCHANGE for the students of VSE with a confirmed accommodation at VSE dormitories in academic year 2020/2021 and term of moving in: February 1, 2021.

Students who would like to have their accommodation including services related accommodation should pay the rent. The rent is paylable by 10 days from the Contract on Accommodation signing.

You have to pay a part of your rent (minimum 10 000 CZK) or full rent before your arrival i.e., until February 1, 2021.

Until move-in day at the dormitory, there have to be paid of accommodation deposit CZK 5000 and a minimum of CZK 10 000 or the full rent on your main account in ISKAM.

If the rest of rent is not received by 10 days after signing the Contract on Accommodation, manager of dormitory may terminate your contract. Also the contractual penalty amounting to 20 CZK for each day of default together with the rent will be charged.

Students have to pay the rent for the whole period from February 1, 2021 to June 15, 2021 all at once.

According to the contract conditions, the rent covers accommodation until June 15, 2021. Students may withdraw from the accommodation contract prior to this date, but dormitories cannot refund any money for earlier departure.

Payment can be done in the following ways (the price of accommodation will be found in your contract):

  1. Reception:
    • At the reception you can pay the rent by debit/credit card
      • We accept cards


    • Check your maximum daily spending limits on your payment card first.
  1. ISKAM:
  1. Bank:
    • The payment is possible in cash in Czech crowns (CZK). Also can be done at any bank on the bank account 1793102/0800, for the payment identification please always use variable symbol (VS), each applicant will find the VS in (card Basic information).
      • The nearest banks:
        Česká spořitelna, a.s. (Prague University of Economics and Business, tram station: Husinecká, map)
        Česká spořitelna, a.s. (tram station: Vozovna Žižkov, map)
  1. Bank transfer:
    • The payment via bank transfer from a foreign account – there is the *administrative fee for the international transfer. The international transfer can take up to 14 days. Cashless transfer to a bank account 1793102/0800, for the payment identification use variable symbol (VS), each applicant can find the VS in card Basic information.

More details for the payments via bank transfer:

Bank account – payments from abroad:

IBAN CZ74 0800 0000 0000 0179 3102
Name of the bank account owner VŠE V PRAZE – SÚZ

Bank address:

Česká spořitelna, a.s.
Olbrachtova 1929/62
140 00 Praha 4


Payment can be done in your currency – please use the actual exchange rate offered by your bank.

Payment identification:

It is a student’s responsibility to provide following details into the field ‘variable symbol‘ when making transfer/deposit:

  1. variable symbol (VS) = from ISKAM (Basic information)
  2. Message for recipient = SURNAME and firstname as same as used for registration for database of VŠE (InSIS)

IMPORTANT! Without variable symbol it is not possible to identify your payment.

* Administrative fee:

Any payment received from abroad bank account without paid administrative fees will be lowered by the amount of fees incurred. We advise abroad students to allow for the handling fees and to increase payment amount by a minimum of 500 CZK. This amount is deemed to be sufficient to cover abroad administrative fees. Any potential overpayment after administrative fee deduction will be credited towards accommodation payments.