Newly renovated football field in the Jarov sports center of the VŠE dormitories.

On 20.9. 2023, the renovated football field in the sports center of the VŠE dormitories in Jarov was ceremoniously put into operation.

The ceremony was attended by the director of the Center for Physical Education and Sports of VŠE Mgr. Tomáš Pachl, director of FMD VŠE Ing. Ota ZIMA, CSc., MBA, and other workers who participated in the preparation and implementation of the playground renovation such as Mr. Martin Haniak, Pavel Dvořák, Ing. Jan Zavřel and others.

Before the awarding of the tender, a consultation was held with experts in the field, and CTVS VŠE was invited to cooperate. There was a visit and tour of the small football pitches, including at the ČZU dormitories in Suchdol, in the AC Sparta Praha training center in Strahov, the Pražaček sports center, and elsewhere. On the basis of these experiences as well, a selection procedure was held for the implementation of the renovation. The company Sportcentrum s.r.o. won the tender.

The artificial turf was supplied by the Belgian company LanoGrass, with an expected lifespan of 10-15 years. At the same time, the playground fencing is being replaced and repaired. Declaration of conformity on technical requirements for products and a description of the properties of the new Profoot TLT Star 45-16 court surface from LANO SPORTS NV.

The football field is available for students and the public. Students can make a reservation through the ISKAM system, and an online form is available for the public at stands.



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