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Moving to a dormitory

Dear students and guests,   Please read carefully the instructions for moving in for the new academic year, which are available online here.   Thank you and we wish you a lot of study success and the most pleasant stay at the dormitories in AY 2020/21.

Moving to a dormitory

Informations DAF VSE about COVID-19

All documents and requisites concerning the prevention of the spread of the disease on the VŠE dormitories can be found here.

Moving to a dormitory

Gym, club rooms and study dooms are closed

With regard to the maximum limitation of the spread of COVID-19 disease at the VŠE dormitories, the management of DAF decided that all common rooms in the dormitories will remain closed until further notice.   Thank you for your understanding.

Moving to a dormitory

Order of the Director DAF VŠE in Prague No. 26/2020-1

All indoor sports and social facilities on the dormitories are still closed to guests. These are gyms, gyms, study rooms, games rooms, projection rooms and the like. (Does not include laundries.) Starting on 1th of September 2020, it is the duty to wear in the corridors of dormitories and in laundries mask or respirator. All […]

Order of the Director DAF VŠE in Prague No. 26/2020-3

All people accommodated in the VŠE dormitories are obliged to have their body temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer upon request. People who show any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (especially fever, cough, shortness of breath, indigestion, loss of smell, general weakness, or other symptoms) will be placed in a quarantine cell and will be […]

Order of the Director DAF VŠE in Prague No. 26/2020-2

People arriving from the countries not listed on the website: as countries low of infection, must prove a negative test for COVID-19 issued in Czech republic, which is not older than 36 hours.      

Wear face mask or respirator.

WARNING! Starting from September 1st , you have to wear face mask or respirator in corridors of our dormitory and in laundries rooms.                

Serving of Sport grounds

From 24th June 2020 will be possible to borrow sports equipment or access cards, key to the sports grounds, only at the reception of the University Hotel VSE, Jeseniova 212.

Serving of Sport grounds

Payment of a residence fee, June

Payment of a residence fee by direct debit order was sent on 20th May, 2020. The standard term for direct debiting of a residence fee to SUZ account is one working day in Česká spořitelna and up to 2 working days in other banks. Please check your account at the website: – tab Basic […]

Serving of Sport grounds

Invoicing of residence fee, June

Due to technical adjustments related to invoicing of May residence fee due date of June residence fee will be postponed to 31st May 2020. Invoicing will be performed on 20th May 2020.

Serving of Sport grounds