Memory of the victims of the Prague Uprising and fighters against fascism

The Prague Uprising in Greater Prague

5.5. we commemorated at the monument near Palach’s dormitory the memory of the victims of the Prague Uprising and the fighters against fascism.

Already on Friday evening, May 4, people began to spontaneously tear down German signs in the streets. At noon on May 5, the officer resistance groups “Alex” and “Baroš” order the emergency of the Czech police and then the occupation of the radio, telephone exchange, railway station, main post office and other strategic points in the city. The Prague Uprising officially begins with the fight for radio, and already in the evening of the same day a joint statement from Gen. Kutlvašra (Military Headquarters of Greater Prague – “Bartoš”) and Captain Nechanský (representative of the Czech National Council). Following a call on May 6, people all over Prague began building barricades to defend the bridges and isolate the besieged German garrisons.

At the same time, they were preparing in Pankrác to defend Prague from the greatest threat, active units of the Waffen SS “Böhmen”, located in the training area Benešov-Neveklov in the number of 35 thousand soldiers. It was these units that marched at 5 o’clock on the afternoon of May 5, as reported by Prague Radio. On the morning of May 6, at dawn, 4 German companies of infantry with 20 tanks and artillery support attacked the Pankrac section in front. The inhabitants of Žižkov also took part in these battles.

More information about the Prague Uprising can be found, for example, on wikipedia.


Memory of the victims of the Prague Uprising and fighters against fascism
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