FMD initiative for energy savings – Order of Director FMD 3/2022

Dear students,

You have been noticed about general  rise of power and heat supply fees at this time.

Supply fees are an integral part of the accommodation prices and other services, and their size is directly reflected in accommodation prices.

Order   of the Director  FMD VSE in Prague No. 3/2022 – Measures in the field of energy saving and fire protection on VŠE dormitories

  • The regulation contains, inter alia:
  • Rules for switching off the heating when leaving the room for more than a day.
  • Rules for switching off electrical appliances.
  • Rules for ventilation in the heating season.
  • Is strictly prohibited use computer technology for  cryptocurrency mining.
  • Rules for use of computer technology.

Please try to follow the rules below in your own interest and for fire protection:

  • Set the ideal heating temperature and ventilate briefly and intensively.
  • Turn off the lights when leaving the room, common areas and corridors.
  • Turn off the computer and other electronics when not in use, defrost the refrigerator regurlary.

Thank you.

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