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Dear students, dear residents,

The Facility Management Department (SÚZ) as part of the Prague University of Economics and Business must manage a balanced budget. The income of SÚZ consists only of dormitory fees and rent for apartments and non-residential premises, a small part of the income is made up of income for other services provided in connection with accommodation.

Due to the significant increase in the prices of electricity and natural gas, SÚZ VŠE is forced to take this fact into account in the amount of dormitory fees and rents (see Dormitory Price List valid from 1st  October 2022). The prices for the supply of these media are determined by contracts with suppliers selected on the basis of tenders in accordance with the law, for the entire VŠE and its departments.

The current development of the prices of the above-mentioned media is very difficult to predict, but SÚZ was forced to set fixed prices for the next period, until 31st December 2022 (or until the time when energy prices are fixed for wholesale customers) with the fact that this is a qualified estimate. If the media prices exceed this estimate by this date, SÚZ will be forced to deal with the situation again, in the event that the prices drop significantly, the difference will be settled and the resulting overpayment will be returned to the individual accommodated persons in their ISKAM account, until 31.1.2023 or within 30 days from the validity of the ceiling on energy prices for wholesale customers.

SÚZ VŠE understands that this is an unpleasant change, and therefore will allow those who have already signed an accommodation contract to terminate their accommodation as of 30th September 2022 without notice. The notice of termination must be submitted via the ISKAM web interface, no later than 30/9/2022, by 11:59 p.m. Those staying who do not terminate the stay in this way are giving their consent to the change in the General Accommodation Conditions and thus also the accommodation price list. As the residence fee for the month of October has already been billed, additional billing of the increased variable component of the residence fee will be done by the end of September, as a separate claim due on October 20, 2022.

All SÚZ VŠE employees are very sorry that we have to proceed with these changes, but unfortunately we have no other option to handle the current situation financially. We believe that you follow the events in the world and will therefore understand that we had to take this step. Let’s hope that the situation in the world calms down and that the prices of these media return as close as possible to the original prices and we can take them into account in the prices of the dormitory.


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