Extension of stay confirmation for Foreign police

Attention! When you already have accommodation contract, please use this form.

We prepare this document only for the Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE) students. We can prepare proof of accommodation for you during 10 days. The document is sent via data box to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (MICR). MICR sends it to the relevant Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (DAMP). The notary signature is not needed. Confirmation fee is 200 CZK and will be charged to ISKAM.

We need from you:

  • online application for accommodation for ac. year 2024/2025 at ISKAM
  • payment 8200 CZK via ISKAM (8000 CZK reservation deposit + 200 CZK confirmation fee)

!!! Please note that is not possible prepare the document without application and payment 5200 CZK !!!

Please note, that if you need accommodation confirmation with the address of a specific dormitory, you must wait until mid-July (when you already has reservation in ISKAM for academic year). Until then, you will only receive a confirmation with the address: SÚZ VŠE, Jeseniova 2769/208, 130 00 Prague 3! (then you can use accommodation contract with the specific address)
We will prepare the confirmation for you only once! So please think carefully about which type of document you need, we will not prepare several documents for you.

Fill form below, please:

First name, Surname


Date of birth

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Passport number

Length of stay FROM – TILL (max. end of ac. year = end of the Accommodation contract)

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Office DAMP where you will need send document – name and address (for example: Prague - Hládkov, Žukovského,…)

Notice: For the rest of the ac.year use the existing accommodation contract for confirm your stay!


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