Accommodation confirmation for grant of VISA

Attention! In case you need to resolve extension of stay for Foreign police here in Prague
(for example Hládkov, Cigánkova, …), please, fill out DIFFERENT  form.

This application serve only for grant of VISA at Czech embassy in your native country.

We do not prepare accommodation confirmation for visa anymore, it was replaced by Binding preliminary agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). For issuing confirmation 200 CZK will be charged (through ISKAM).

We require from the applicant:

!!! It is not possible to prepare the agreement without the application and paying the deposit including the fee of 200 CZK !!!

The agreement is prepared only in paper form and can be passed in two ways:

  1. Personal pickup (recommended) at the Central Accommodation office on weekdays during office hours. Information when and where to find us is here. Please wear a mask or other recommended protection when visiting the Central Accommodation office. Thank you for your understanding.
    • The student must not sign the document in advance. He will sign it in front of the embassy worker. The embassy does not accept the pre-signed document.
  2. Sending by Czech Post in the form of a letter, directly to the student's home address specified in the application below. We do not use the services of other transport companies (DHL, PPL, etc.). In addition to the fee of 200 CZK, you will be charged for postage. Therefore, we recommend you to charge your ISKAM account with a minimum amount of 400 CZK (200 CZK issue fee + 200 CZK for postage).
    • The student must not sign the document in advance. The embassy does not accept the pre-signed document. Student will sign it in the presence of the embassy worker.
    • The home address must be filled in correctly by the applicant, as it will be considered a delivery address. Central accommodation is not responsible for possible non-delivery.
    • Please note that sending by Czech post can take several weeks.

Please select one of the document pickup options:

Home address (only if you chose “sending by Czech post“):

First name, Surname


Date of birth

Please use Chrome browser instead of Safari on MacOS computer, to avoid date error message!

This form can be sent only by VŠE students from a device connected in the VŠE network or via VPN!

We grant accommodation confirmation only for duration of accommodation contract. No longer than till 30. 6. 2022.