Risk of using electrical appliances

Electrical appliance – cause of fire

  • Electrical appliances are an unavoidable part of our lives, but only few people realise how dangerous they can be. Careless handling of electrical appliances can endanger  life, health and property.
  • Fire can be caused especially by heating or electrical appliances. There are usually both big appliances (cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, etc.) and small devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets, hairdryers, hot combs, electric kettles, toasters, home bread makers, irons, hoovers, etc. in your surroundings. Fire can be caused also by defective power lines or connection to electric sockets.
  • The most frequent cause of fire is a technical failure of an electrical apparatus or negligence in handling electrical appliances.

Safe use of electrical appliances

  • Electrical appliances should be bought only from specialised dealers; avoid products of a dubious origin and sold without a guarantee card and typical “CE” mark.
  • If you buy a new electrical appliance, you should read the instructions for use, which must be attached at all times. In case of initial start and use of an appliance, always follow the instructions for its use.
  • Use the appliance always for the intended purpose and according to the operating manual.
  • Do not overload electric sockets (connecting several devices by means of an adaptor may overload the socket and cause short circuit or fire).
  • Do not leave appliances in operating condition without supervision.
  • Electrical appliances should not come into contact with moisture and water.
  • When using an appliance, regularly check its condition visually. If you are not sure, have it checked by a professional service immediately.
  • Risk of fire is posed also by appliances heavily covered with dust, so clean the surface and the inside of devices regularly, but only if it is safe for you, of course.
  • If instructions for use require so, conduct regular servicing checks of the appliance, where a professional guarantees the correctness and safety of the use of the appliance in the following period.
  • In case of storm and long-term absence, disconnect appliances from the mains by removing the power cord from the socket. It is always recommended to switch off devices with a stand-by mode by pressing the master switch on the device too.
  • Extraordinary as well as ordinary repairs and maintenance of wiring should always be done by professionals.
  • In case of fire in an electrical appliance, never use water for extinguishing! Live electrical devices should be extinguished with the following types of extinguishers:  Dry powder, carbon-dioxide, halotron.