Reflection on Rector’s Sports Day and VŠE Birthday

2 May

On Thursday, April 25th, the traditional Rector’s Sports Day occurred, followed by a grand student festival – the VŠE Birthday. The entire day was accompanied by the Faculty Battle, a faculty competition. Participants could earn points for their respective faculties by participating in various activities and competitions – a chance to bring their faculty closer to victory!

The Rector’s Sports Day featured tournaments and competitions organized by the Centre for Physical Education and Sport in the morning. Exciting trips were also arranged. Students could earn their faculty its initial points in the Faculty Battle by participating in these tournaments.

In the afternoon, the Jarov dormitory campus transformed into the VŠE Birthday student festival venue. Three super bands performed: Čára, What the Funk, and Wotazník. Student clubs were abundant, with over twenty offering activities to earn additional points for the Faculty Battle. Moreover, attendees eagerly anticipated several Battle competitions, where faculty representatives competed directly on stage!

The celebration also promised plenty of delicious food and beer. No birthday would be complete without a speech from the VŠE Rector and the ceremonial cutting of the birthday cake.” 🎉🍰🎈

You can get the first points for your faculty now by registering at

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Reflection on Rector’s Sports Day and VŠE Birthday
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