Accommodation confirmation only for VŠE students

We can prepare proof of accommodation for you during 10 days. This document is sended to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (MI) via databox. The notary signature is not needed. Fee is 200 CZK and will be charged to ISKAM.

We need:

  • online application for accommodation for ac.year at ISKAM
  • deposit payment 5000 CZK

!!! Please note that is not possible prepare the document without application and deposit 5000 CZK !!!

Fill form below:

Confirmation for the Foreign Police in the Czech RepublicCertificate for the embassy

First name, Surname


Date of birth


Passport number

Length of stay

Office where you will need send document – name and address (for example: Hládkov, Žukovského, Embassy – state and town…)