Order of the Director – The rules for the operation – COVID19

The University of Economics, Prague

The Department for the Administration of Facilities

Order of the Director DAF VSE in Prague No. 28/2020


Ref. No.: VŠE/XXXX/7000/2020

Reg. No.: VŠE/XXXX/2020

The rules for the operation of VSE dormitories in accordance with the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic from the date 18th of September 2020

With effect from 25. 09. 2020 in connection with the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health from the day 18th of September 2020, I declare the following measures for the operation of the dormitories of the University of Economics in Prague:

  • All indoor sports and social rooms on the dormitories are still closed to guests. These are gyms, games rooms, projection rooms and the like. This measure does not apply to laundries. Furthermore, it does not apply to study rooms and common rooms, which can be used exclusively for study as part of online teaching, subject to sufficient spacing (at least 2 m) and rules issued by the DAF operations director.
  • In the corridors of dormitories, in laundries and other common areas are all the accommodated guests and staff of the DAF VSE in Prague obliged to walk with their mouths and noses covered by mask or a respirator.
  • Before entering in the dormitory is everyone obliged to disinfect their hands by disinfectants against COVID.
  • All mass events (celebrations) in the dormitories are prohibited. It is also forbidden to gather under any pretext in corridors, rooms, laundries and study rooms. Mutual visits should be limited to the minimum and for the shortest time and it is necessary to keep the mouth and nose covered with a mask or respirator.
  • I prohibit all visits by third parties at the dormitories, which means during the day and overnight guests.
  • Dormitory staff are obliged to monitor the daily current measures on a basis for: https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/aktualni-opatreni/ and emergency measures: https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/category/mimoradna-opatreni/ and to deduce from them adequate measures for the operation of dormitories.
  • All people accommodated in VSE dormitories are obligated to fill in: „Declaration of honour of the applicant for accommodation in VSE dormitories about non existence of symptoms of viral infectious disease“, see here: https://suz.vse.cz/wp-content/uploads/Cestne-prohlaseni-COVID-19.pdf or in English here: https://accommodation.vse.cz/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/Affidavit-COVID-19.pdf .
  • All the people accommodated in the VSE dormitories are required to have their body temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer upon request. The head of the dormitory will ensure that the reception staff randomly measures the body temperature of people coming to the dormitory several times a day. The receptionist shall make a written record of this measurement in a dedicated record sheet, in which they shall state the day, time and number of measured people with a temperature not exceeding 37.5⁰C and the names of the surnames of people whose body temperature exceeded this value. People who show any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature 37.5⁰C, dry cough, dyspnoea) will be placed in a quarantine unitand will be sent immediately to the infection department of the hospital in Bulovka.
  • People who came from abroad or lived abroad and:
    1. show symptoms of an incipient infectious disease (especially fever, cough, dyspnoea, indigestion, olfactory loss, general weakness, or other symptoms),
    2. have stayed for more than 12 hours in the last 14 days in the territory of countries not on the list of countries at low risk of COVID-19 (see Annex 2),
    3. people from third countries who are not on the list of countries with a low risk of COVID-19 (see Annex 2) and all people from third countries who are temporarily or permanently resident in these countries

they are obliged to notify this fact in advance by e-mail to e-mail address: arrivals@vse.cz or at the reception of the relevant dormitory. If they cannot stay elsewhere than at the dormitory, they will be placed in a quarantine room at the dormitories of the University of Economics in Prague or in other designated areas until proven by a negative RT-PCR test for SARS CoV-2 issued in the Czech Republic which will be provided without delay and at their ownexpense. These people are obliged to present the result of the RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2 at the dormitory reception within 36 hours of placement in the quarantine room. Furthermore, all obligations arising from the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health of 18th of September 2020 apply to them (see: Annex No. 1).

Citizens of the European Union, including citizens of the Czech Republic and citizens of a third country with a long-term or permanent residence permit in a Member State of the European Union may fulfill the obligation to undergo an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 at their own expense by submitting a negative RT-PCR test of the presence of SARS-CoV-2, which was performed in a Member State of the European Union and is not older than 72 hours; the test result is submitted immediately after entering the territory of the Czech Republic to the locally relevant regional hygienic station.

  • Citizens according to point 9) are obliged to undergo a second RT PCR test for the presence of SARS – CoV-2 after 14 days from the first test if they arrived in the Czech Republic by 21th of September 2020 inclusive. Those who arrived on 22th of September 2020 and later are considered COVID negative after 10 days of quarantine without symptoms of infectious disease (see point 9) a.).
  • To people pursuant to point 9) of this order are prohibited from free movement on the territory of the entire Czech Republic and on dormitories, with the exception of:
  1. a) journeys strictly necessary for the provision of basic necessities of the life and the use of necessary financial and postal services,
  2. b) the way to medical and social facilities
  3. c) travel for urgent official matters.
  • In case of a positive result of the RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2, these people will be placed in isolation at the University of Economics in Prague or in other designated areas, if they will not be able to spend isolation outside the VŠE dormitory. (See § 64 letter A) in conjunction with § 2 paragraphs 6 and 7 of Act No. 258/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Public Health and on the Amendment of Certain Related Acts, as amended.) They will be placed in isolation for min. 10 days. They can leave the insulation if they do not have the last 3 days any symptoms of the disease, seepoint 9) a. In this case, they are considered healthy and they do not need to have another test.
  • In the event that a person placed in isolation develops the symptoms referred to in point 9) a. contacts the dormitory management, this will be notified by the ‘Clinic of Infectious, Parasitic and Tropical Diseases of Bulovka Hospital’ (tel: 266 082 642) and arrange further action.
  • This order of the director cancels order No. 26/2020 from the date 02. 09. 2020 and order 27/2020 from the date 02. 09. 2020.


  1. Protective measure of the Ministry of Health of 18th of September 2020 Ref. No.: MZDR 20599/2020-30/MIN/KAN: (https://www.fulsoft.cz/33/mzdr-20599-2020-30-min-kan-ochranne-opatreni-omezeni-prekroceni-statni-hranice-cr-s-ucinnosti-od-21-9-2020-vcetne-sdeleni-mzdr-20599-2020-31-min-kan-uniqueidgOkE4NvrWuObyfYyCQ7y0YiyoCNglEKPyS-8ZYRKejY/?uri_view_type=11 )
  2. List of countries with a low risk of COVID-19 (https://www.fulsoft.cz/download/fulsoft/covid19_239.pdf )
  3. List of medical facilities in the territory of the City of Prague performing the RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2:
    1. Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady
    2. GHC Praha – odběrové místo Letiště Václava Havla
    3. Thomayerova nemocnice
    5. 1. lékařská fakulta UK
    6. SPADIA LAB, a.s. Žluté Lázně
    7. Fakultní nemocnice v Motole
    8. Nemocnice na Bulovce
    9. Vyšetři.mě – Váš praktik Praha 15
    10. GHC Genetics Praha-Lovosická
    11. GHC GENETICS Praha – Václavské náměstí
    12. EUC Laboratoře
    13. Ústřední vojenská nemocnice
    14. Medicínské centrum Praha s.r.o.
    15. Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze
    16. PREVEDIG medical, s.r.o. – Odběrové místo


In Prague, September 24th, 2020



Ing. Ota Zima, CSc., MBA v. r.

Director DAF VSE