December 4th-8th, 9-16, electrical appliance inspection in all buildings

Dear residents of VŠE dormitories,

On December 4th – 8th, 2023, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., a regular inspection of electrical appliances will occur in all buildings and dormitories under the administration of FMD VŠE.  As part of the revision, enabling access to all accommodation and non-residential premises will be necessary.

Following the Dormitory Rules, Article II. paragraph 1. you may only use registered and permitted electrical appliances that comply with the applicable regulations issued in the Czech Republic (the certificate must not be older than two years).
If the inspection technician finds the electrical appliances you use unsatisfactory, they will be devalued so they cannot be used any longer.

Weekday Date Dormitory/’s
Mo 4.12.2023 Thalerova dormitory
Tue 5.12.2023 Palachova dormitory + University hotel
Wed 6.12.2023 Eislerova dormitory + dormitory Jarov II
Thu 7.12.2023 Rooseveltova dormitory
Fri 8.12.2023 Dormitory Blanice + Vltava


Your presence in the room during the inspection is not necessary. Thank you for following the rules set by the Dormitory Rules.
We apologize for the complications.


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