Accommodation at VŠE dormitories from 1st of February 2021 until further notice

Based on the extraordinary situation in connection with the pandemic and the continuation of the state of emergency ordered by the Government of the Czech Republic, the DAF VŠE issues the following measures concerning accommodation on VŠE dormitories:

The accommodated person, who duly pays the dormitory and is not physically present at the dormitory, if he/she does not terminate the contract by 30.4.2021 inclusive, ie keeps the room for the possibility of returning to the dormitory, will receive a 40% dormitory refund for February-June 2021. This discount will be deposited into the ISKAM account by 14.7.2021. The fact that he will not be on the dormitory and will draw a discount must be notified by 5.2.2021 to the address from his/her e-mail address given in ISKAM. If the accommodated person terminates contract before 30.4.2021, he / she loses the right to a discount from the dormitory.

When using the above-mentioned discount option, you can then stay in the dormitory for the entire examination period of the summer semester, ie. from 15 May 2021, in condition you announce your arrival from your e-mail address provided in ISKAM to In this case, the accommodated person can stay in the dormitory until the end of the contract, ie until June 30, 2021, and still receive a dormitory discount of 40% for the entire previous period, ie from February.

Also in case the accommodated person wants to return to the dormitory before May 15, 2021, it is necessary to announce his arrival at the address The discount on the dormitory will end on the date of arrival at the dormitory.

If the resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic on the ban on students with other residence in the Czech Republic stays in student dormitories, the accommodated persons with another residence in the Czech Republic must always fill in the “declaration of residence” on the SÚZ VŠE website before arriving at the dormitory.

The measure applies to all accommodated students with a standard contract and a notice period.

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